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Case Study

Vehicle Databases

A case study done to show the design and development of Vehicle Databases; the process, flow, strategy and result.

What Is Vehicle Databases?

Vehicle Databases is a company that provides data-driven automotive intelligence. They offer a vast repository of Application Programming Interfaces (API) which provide meticulously curated information, encompassing everything from detailed vehicle specifications, market value, license plate and VIN OCR, and more. You can use their robust vehicle data APIs to create innovative applications and websites.




Problem Statement

Vehicle Databases initially faced challenges related to increasing visibility, effectively showcasing their services, lacking documentation and support, and lacking demonstrations of their service. These issues hindered their ability to attract potential users and create awareness about their offerings.


Empire Pixel worked closely with Vehicle Databases to create comprehensive documentation that simplified the understanding and integration of their APIs. Additionally, Empire Pixel implemented various marketing strategies to increase visibility, generate leads, and improve their SEO. By modifying the content and restructuring the website, Empire Pixel enhanced the website’s search engine rankings and made it more appealing and tech-driven in terms of web design. Empire Pixel also played a crucial role in creating a program of demos and introduced an option for users to test Vehicle Databases’ services for free. Through these initiatives, Empire Pixel successfully generated leads and helped Vehicle Databases showcase their service more effectively, ultimately boosting their growth and success in the market.

Product Scope

The product scope encompasses the design and development of a visually appealing and highly functional website. To captivate visitors, engaging motion graphics both were incorporated. Furthermore, we ensure that the content we create is optimized for SEO, maximizing online visibility and attracting relevant traffic. 
To drive customer acquisition, we implemented lead generation strategies. This involves creating and managing leads, nurturing them through targeted communication, and scheduling demo meetings to showcase the potential of Vehicle Databases product. We also design and develop a demo portal specifically tailored for potential clients, enabling them to explore all offerings in a hands-on and interactive manner.
To support our marketing efforts, we created a compelling brochure and other marketing materials to offer to customers. These materials are meticulously designed to effectively communicate the value and benefits of the product, further enhancing brand image and credibility.

Our Process

Product Brief Design Development QA Test Live Product

Product Brief

The PM gathered requirements from our client, briefed the team involved and assigned tasks.


The UX team started with comprehensive research to understand the product, it competitors and the users. We got- UX flow, lo-fi & hi-fi designs.


The development team implemented the designs done by the design team. They used WordPress and PHP for website, Flutter for app.

QA Test

QA tested for several features as required in the product scope. This is to ensure maximum efficiency of the product before it goes live.

Member's Area UX Flow

Lo-Fi Design

UX & Flow


Website homepage

User’s dashboard

API services

Auction API - with a sample VIN and records found

VIN OCR - allow users can accurately scan VIN from images

API Documentation


In conclusion, Vehicle Databases, with the assistance of Empire Pixel, successfully addressed their challenges and transformed into a thriving provider of data-driven automotive intelligence. By improving documentation, generating leads, enhancing SEO, and creating a user-friendly website design, Vehicle Databases achieved greater visibility and effectively showcased their services. The addition of demo programs and a free testing option further enhanced their offerings and generated valuable leads. Through the collaborative efforts of Vehicle Databases and Empire Pixel, Vehicle Databases positioned themselves as a trusted and innovative provider of comprehensive vehicle data APIs, paving the way for continued growth and success in the market.

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